Lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are individual lashes attached to each natural lash with a special glue.

They are applied on top of the natural eyelash, and are never in direct contact with the skin. At The Nail’s Shop we specialize in “Natural” and “Glamour” looks with various application options according to the customer’s need.

We only use the highest quality eyelash extensions available on the market today. They vary in thickness, curl shape and durability.

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Full set eyelashes Classic

With this technique, we will proceed to apply a lash extension on each natural lash. Different looks can be achieved depending on the number of lashes, curvature, length and thickness of them.

Full set “Russian volume”.

With this technique, multiple finer extensions (3 in 1) are applied on each existing natural lash, allowing the technician to add a significant volume. The Classic set is potentially limited by the number of natural lashes you have. However, Russian volumen extentions are the latest innovation in eyelash extensions and offers customers a new level of glamour.

Lifting and lash dye

The name is already tempting. This is an improved lash perm. The difference with the previous systems is that the lashes were stretched into a curler and, most of the time the curve was so accentuated that the lashes looked shorter

With this “lifting”, the lashes are lengthened from the root. This is possible thanks to silicone pads that fit the eyelid, and instead of ‘bending the hair’, stretches and raises it towards the tip, creating the effect of greater length and thickness (all hairs are reached even to the most short).
Different gels are applied on the pad to achieve the lengthening effect from the base of the eyelid, and to achieve more volume. In addition, for those who want it, the dye is included.
It is done in 45 minutes and is maintained, according to the quality of the natural eyelashes, for 4-6 weeks.

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